The mission of our brands (Oview, Presto and Folacid Meta) is to provide quality products for easy and convenient use and support every step of the way to the desired baby. In support of this mission is also our main mission – to help and support people who want to become parents, but who encounter difficulties along this path. The campaign “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” is a mission that excites us and in which we recognize our values and mission.
The charity initiative of “Troika na razsamvane” and Vitosha Radio helps families craving for their child. Every year, through the large-scale action of the morning radio show, we declare our support to couples with reproductive problems in Bulgaria. The mission of “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” brings together socially responsible businesses, reproductive health centers and laboratories from all over the country to provide families with help and support in realizing the dream of a baby.

2022 - "The Home and the History of Your Family"

For yet another year, the “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” campaign has helped many families who are following in the footsteps of the dream of a baby, those who are already waiting for it, and even those who hold their treasures in their hands. In addition, for another year the funds for the purchase of vital equipment for Pediatric Oncohematology at the University Hospital “St. George”, Plovdiv were raised.
A special attention was paid to the home and family. “In the times we live in, we find stability in ourselves, our loved ones and our homes,” as campaign organizers point out. This year “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” was in support not only to give birth to life and everyone to be healthy, but also to be together at home.

2021 – The DOCTORS we need.

With its scale and the invaluable help of the donors of the campaign, “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” contributed to the purchase of the technical apparatus, repairs and other equipment of the first biopsy laboratory for children with nephrological diseases in Bulgaria.

The “Family Rooms” project has also been completed, which provides parents with access to neonatal wards and provides an opportunity to practice kangaroo-care and involve parents in the daily care of the baby.

During the campaign, the funds for the purchase of vital equipment for the intensive sectors of Pediatric Oncohematology at the University Hospital “St. Kliment Ohridski” were also raised. George”, Plovdiv.

The campaign was dedicated to doctors, their care and humanity that we need on a daily basis.


We thank all donors this year. Many couples with reproductive problems were helped by providing both free IVF procedures and health care for future and current parents, as well as for children (for different ages).

During the campaign, the funds for the purchase of vital equipment for the Clinic of Pediatrics and Genetic Diseases of the University Hospital “St. George” were also raised, which also houses a unit of Pediatric Oncohematology at the University Hospital “St. Kliment Ohridski”. George”, Plovdiv.

A special focus this year in the reproductive part was the Donation of Genetic Material – a topic that is increasingly becoming problematic among couples with reproductive problems.


Back in the years, “More Bulgarians for Bulgaria” implemented the first biopsy laboratory in Bulgaria for children with nephrological problems, equipped children’s wards, helped in the care of premature children with the project “Family Room” in the neonatal wards, funded research for gestational diabetes and provided sensors for blood sugar levels in children.

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