Assisted reproduction

The Assisted Reproduction Fund at the Ministry of Health was established to finance up to three IVF trials in couples with different reproductive problems.

The maximum amount to be granted is BGN 5,000 per procedure. Тhe respective amount of aid granted depends on the problems of each of the applicant pairs.

Who can apply for funding from the Centre?

Any woman under the age of 43 and being a Bulgarian citizen or with permanent resident status in the Republic of Bulgaria, who meets the requirements according to the indications for receiving financial assistance can apply for assisted reproduction.

Required documents: The medical documentation is prepared by a medical institution with a contract with the Center for Assisted Reproduction.

The rest of the documents are prepared by the applicant. Samples of them can be downloaded from HERE

Submission of documents:

Sofia, “Acad. Ivan Geshov” 15 blvd.

Center of Hygiene, fl. 11, room 36

Wire. 028953146 and 028953148 (14.00 to 16.00)

More about the Center for Assisted Reproduction, necessary documents, stages and more, you can learn HERE


List of IVF centers in Bulgaria

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