The psychology of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period full of emotions, changes at different levels, maturation and inspiration for a new life. This is a time when the couple faces a new stage of parenting, starting to build a new style in their behavior and attitude towards the world. The coming changes awaken new thoughts and ideas in support of the coming period, which may be as different as the number of women in the world.


Pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, during which time the child will constantly grow, receiving everything necessary for their future life and maturation. Usually, between the 38th and 42nd week, a natural birth process occurs.

Pregnancy is not divided into just weeks, it is often talked about in trimesters, each of which lasts three months. A normal pregnancy consists of three quarters, the latter leading to childbirth. Weeks 1 to 13 form the first trimester, weeks 14 to 27 make up the second trimester, and the third trimester starts at week 28 and ends when your child is born.

The First Trimester: Emotions Wake Up

Often at first the changes are not felt and yet they are substantial. Changes in the emotional state are quite in order. Because the highs and lows in the emotional curve mark new values, women experiencing a first pregnancy are often extremely emotional. The psyche adapts to the changes that occur in our inner world, which includes not only our body, but also our worldview, the deepest dreams, longings and desires associated with the new life. To a large extent, the experience reflects the structure of personality and how a person is conditioned to cope with changes, the emotional support they receive and, of course, hormonal peaks in the body.

It is extremely important for a good emotional state to balance rest and activities. Rest should be enough to keep the nervous system calm and activity is needed to provide the necessary endorphins (maintaining a good mood). It is useful for a pregnant woman to talk to someone about what is important to her and her own experience, to learn and practice relaxation techniques in order to pass calmly and successfully during this period. Meditation, yoga for pregnant women and muscle relaxation can be extremely beneficial. They will continue to work in the coming periods of pregnancy. Here may be the moment to consider and include prenatal care. A number of studies and researc have shown good results from the inclusion of prenatal care[1].

The second trimester — the relationship of the partners

Usually, after adjusting with the important changes in body and mind during the first semester, women enjoy a light and pleasant second trimester of pregnancy. Worries about the unknown usually decrease, and with them improve physical and emotional balance. The movement of the child in the womb becomes an important factor in the emotional state.

Many couples are concerned about intimacy during pregnancy, but often physiological changes can lead to increased sexual desire, which supports the stage they are going through. Sometimes it takes conversations about partners’ feelings and desires to ensure a healthy and satisfying intimate life during the second trimester that meets the new physical and emotional needs of both partners.

Third trimester — preparation in anticipation of a new beginning

Families are preparing more and more intensively for the appearance of the baby, and gradually the new beginning enters more and more clearly into their lives.

This period is characterized by a feeling of joyful anticipation. Conversations with specialists, other mothers and support groups are very useful for the peace and preparation of future parents. In this period, the baby begins to acquire an identity — with the creation of a children’s room and planning actions, parents develop their own style, and their preparation begins to fill their days.

It is important for women to be aware and to be careful that the care of others does not acquire a debilitating character in both directions: neither be rejected nor excessive. Again, it is proven that balance leads to a healthy relationship for both parties.

If you have chosen to work, then be sure to establish enough time for an active life with pleasant walks or light physical exercises, as well as time for mental and emotional rest and relaxation. Scientific studies have shown the benefits and good results of listening to soothing music for the psyche of pregnant women. [2]


The physical changes that pregnancy imposes sometimes lead to uncertainty or anxiety about an upcoming baby upbringing. Contractions can also excite emotions and questions. It is good for ladies to be in contact with their specialists and maintain reasonable levels of awareness. It is necessary for loved ones to provide not only physical support to the pregnant woman, but also to support her confidence and smooth passage through this important period in the life of every woman.

Pregnancy is fraught with physiological and psychological changes in the maternal body that require an up-to-date approach and a positive attitude. The acceptance of the future maternal role also raises questions about preparation, the information and resources needed. All this leads to an understandable transformation of the emotional background of the personality. It is important for a pregnant lady to receive support in order to be able to maintain her overall health optimally, taking into account that all the changes that occur have logical reasons and are conditioned by the perfection of nature.



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